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Complaints Policy Statement

A complaint is when a service user tells us they are unhappy about a staff member or a service provided.
The purpose of this policy is to make sure that all complaints are dealt with properly and that DISC continues to improve the service delivered.

Statement of Policy

This policy is for Service Users and another person or agency brought into help

Complaints are viewed positively by DISC

DISC staff will give information on how to make a complaint.

A complaint can be made in any way depending in the needs of the service user

Complaints may be made in person or with the help of someone else such as an advocate. Where there is language or communications difficulties, DISC will help by providing support.

DISC will seek to solve all complaints

No member of staff will investigate a complaint against themselves

Complaints Policy Statement

Relevant Procedures
DISC will:-

Accept the complaint

Record the details of the complaint on the Complaints Record Form and the online Complaints Monitoring Form

Investigate the complaint

Keep a copy of the Complaint Record Form in the Service Improvement/Complaints file

Write regularly to the service user making the complaint to let them know what is happening.

Where necessary the complaint will be moved up the line to be dealt with quicker

DISC Quality Team will:-

Look at and feed back key information about the complaints

Give to the Quality Improvement Group the results of the investigation

Report to the Board